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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Pet Travel Airlines -vs- Pet Ground Transport Services

Everybody's Blogging About Holiday Pet Travel, And We All Know It Can Be Frustrating. Thank goodness we get paid to blog about it. It makes coping a bit easier, plus we get to buy more treats for our pets.

And thank goodness for pet transportation alternatives. Especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday. I mean really, when it comes to holiday pet travel, our baby just isn't built for the belly of anybody's aircraft...any more than we are. 
Just this year, we anguished, "Hawaii just wouldn't be the same without him'. But how realistic were we being considering Wakiloa Village is a 12 hour flight.

Besides, how on earth would we make it through customs without a complaint or two, or three. Regardless of how adorable, our son is a 100lb. rottweiler."
For many pet parents, without a doubt there is tremendous sadness when it comes to separation. Not to mention the anxiety our pets experience when dropped off and often caged extensively at the typical run-in-the-mill boarding facility. The smooch count diminishes instantly, with absolute certainty... no warning. Stranger's voices aren't nearly as soothing as mommy or daddy's. And there aren't enough vitamins in the world to beef up the babies heart broken and scared immune system. For us, holidaying without our furry friend has rarely been an option. And such a shared philosophy has made pet devotees like us, eager to seek out uncommon traveling alternatives for our four-legged empresses and emperors, turning the pet travel industry into a wildly unique and successful one.
These days, satisfying the whimsies of adoring pet lovers with relaxed in-flight elegance for their pets and equally luxe accommodations on four wheel rides, is a common expectation.
Crowds are split on whether to board or not to board... To shove em' into the belly of a 747... Or to find a private ground motorized transportation company when it comes to holiday pet travel.
So, when it comes to holiday pet travel, here are just a few things to keep on mind when you're making your most important decision when considering a pet transporting company.
1.) Be sure you meet the transporters and make sure they realize that your pet is a valued member of the family who deserves their undivided attention and love. 2.) Also, when it comes to holiday pet travel and choosing a pet relocation company, make sure they offer the safest, most comfortable and reliable pet transport available. 3.) Whether you're on a blogging for pay assignment, traveling locally to a dog event or moving your household and your pets from one coast to the other, or a family vacation, make sure the staff is willing and capable of treating your pets like family. 4.) Ask friends, your vet or make friends on social media with pet parents willing to recommend nationwide door-to-door ground pet transport services that have handled every detail involved in planning and implementing safe and compassionate pet shipping for them in the past. Trust me, not taking the time to do the research is so much more ridiculous than a rottweiler in a pink lei. - TamTheTasteMkr ('Best known as Noni's mommy').
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